Destination Scouting Consultation

We aid you in scouting and choosing that ideal destination for your wedding – a venue that resonates with your preferences, dreams and financial capacity.


A wedding’s essence is only enriched by infusing a personal touch to it – customized wedding websites, collaterals, stationary, apps, and digital presence of the couple’s grand affair can be fabricated by us to amplify the occasion’s value.

Entertainment Management

We are always there to take care of the whole entertainment aspect of your celebration, right from inviting artists to beautifying your occasion to making sure they arrive with a smile and leave with a smile.

Personalized Offers

We proffer our services to you in many ways and degrees, to be able to fit your dreams and visions. Whether a Consultation session or our Luxury Concierge facilities is all you need or a well-panned out wedding, we are at your service with personalised deals for you.

Bridal Assistance

We are there every step of the way, by the bride’s side, from the moment she becomes a bride-to-be to the moment she becomes a wife. Her trousseau, vanity, her styling, her preferred destination for honeymoon; all she needs to do is express her wishes to us and we make it happen.


We want you to live every moment of your wedding and leave all the nitty-gritties and the imperative to us, including all the permissions and licenses.

Timelines and Schedules

We like to abide by timelines and schedules because we like to plan, execute and manage your celebration in a smooth and exuberant fashion, and we do so with utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

An Array of Celebrations

We excel in traditional weddings, yes, but our skills and creativity extend onto events of other nature, too. Be it a pre-wedding and a post wedding celebration or unconventional marriages; we leave no stone unturned.

Vendor Management

Whether we are sourcing from vendors of your choice or those from our repertoire, we ensure there is quality, coordination and management of every detail – delicacies, music, designers, choreographer and everyone involved in the making of your special day.

Gifting Solutions

Presenting your family, relatives, and guests who graced your celebration with gifts, is tradition in our culture and we like to take care of that for you, so you can simply revel in the magic cast by us.

Food and Beverage Management

Right from the curating of the menus to the bar, we know and understand that Food and Beverages form the core of any celebration and so, we promise the best in the realm.

Special Effects and Special Entries

It is a trend to reel in special effects and statement entries into a wedding, and we’re here to help you blend these intriguing trends into your celebration with ease and quality.

Artistic Direction

With wedding production as a prominent part of Artistic Direction, we also like to address ourselves as the director of your marriage, who works behind the scenes to create a surreal experience for you.

Budget Management

Setting a budget, allotting it to different areas of expenses and clearing dues – Let us do the planning and the management while you sit back and relish every moment of your wedding.

Ritual Management

We are here to ensure smooth running of all the rituals in your wedding. Your cast, background and culture don’t restrict our workings here; we are well-versed with the language of all kinds of rituals in your marriage.

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