Luxury Concierge

Your guests are our guests, and we consider it as our duty to attend to their every need as you would. Esteemed as one of our primary and special features, we take care of everything, right from the RSVPs, coordinating with guests, and managing their transfers to micro-managing every detail, providing security & valet, and attending to their every need and preference. We call our Concierge services luxury because we believe there is nothing as luxurious as attention to detail with personal involvement that feels like home. Our goal seems to align with yours; to be able to leave every guest with a smile and more.


Wedding Consultation

You may have the major chunk of your wedding in place but may have some loose ends, or you may have some stray thoughts in mind but lack clarity. In any of such instances, when all you need is a little guidance, Wedding Consultation comes into play. This can be a part of your wedding planning endeavour or may simply be an independent service that you’d like as a cherry on top of your cake. This is simply us tying together all the loose ends and rendering you that expert counsel and direction for your grand affair.


Budget and Time Management

Money is everything, true, but monetary factors don’t sway our creativity and workings. Whether your budget is wide enough to fit all kinds of grandiose or just enough to present a minimal yet beautiful wedding, we have it all covered. You give us your monetary capacity and we give you the finest, or you recite your dreams and visions to us and we set a budget for you. Either way, we translate what you simply imagine into a reality much more bewitching than that, right with an organised fashion aided by our timelines and schedules set for you.


Destination Wedding Specialist

Some have their heart where they live and wish to tie the knots right there, and some visualise a destination afar to wed in. We respect these choices and love to cast our magic at destinations of your liking, domestic or international. With Goa and Rajasthan as one of our favourite evergreen venues, we love to explore other locations too and leave no stone unturned in fabricating your dream wedding there.


Vendor Management

We like to believe that the secret to the quality and success of our weddings lies in our repertoire of the best vendors we associate with. As a part of our work, we build and sustain that trust, professionalism yet cordialness with every vendor that we collaborate with, whether they come from our catalogue or from your acquaintance.


D-Day Coordination

An Indian wedding is no small feat. While you relish the four days of well-planned soirees and celebratory affairs, we stay on our toes behind the scenes, ensuring every little detail is executed as per the set plan and schedule. Also regarded as one of our primary fortes, we look into the coordination and management of every event, while overlooking their flow, right from the following of the timeline to ensuring the bride is well-fed on the D-day.


Decor and Designing

We believe that simplicity is sophistication and it is all in the articulation. At Shreem, we craft concepts for your wedding and let the décor articulate these themes with subtleness. We like to keep it minimal yet emotive, basic but beautiful, and we strike that balance with a theme and décor sourced from the best vendors we know.



A celebration is merely incomplete without a fair dose of entertainment. If the occasion is as special as your wedding, bringing in a jolly good vibe becomes a requisite. Live music, a melodious orchestra to spruce up your soirees, serenading performances by your favourite stars; you name it and we’ll have it for you.