Trending Decor Themes

There was a time when themes were just, well, themes. Now, however, they make the core of a wedding function. Every detail, all the nitty-gritties, everything has to come together to relay the mood and character of the theme. Here are a few theme trends for this season!


Couples are inclining towards a more natural looking wedding set-up that includes fresh flowers, foliage and of course, wooden accents to bring in that rustic atmosphere. This theme sure is simple but exudes utmost sophistication.

Floral Galore

Lush floral walls or maximal floral installations add that soft and graceful touch to wedding occasions.Moreover, they carry that versatility to be designed as per the preference of the couple and the families.

Personal Touch

Infusing a personal touch to the décor and theme of a wedding is a definite trend for this season. The couple’s monogram or wedding hash-tags can be imprinted on paper napkins, invites, cups, bags and on cutlery. Every little detail can be customised, making it all the more personal and special for the bride and groom.

Beach Style

With the growing popularity of beach weddings, beach décor like ribbons, pastel palettes, unique island bars and laid-back elements are also on the rise.

Eco Wedding

People are getting more and more environment conscious now and wish to incorporate that into their weddings too. This décor trend is completely eco-friendly and excludes plastic completely, giving preference to natural décor items.

To say the least, the forthcoming themes for Indian weddings are as much about minimalism as they are about maximalist vibe, and that is what adds that funful twist into it!

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