Everything in your wedding, rightfrom your outfit to your entry has to be meticulously thought out, months before the D day.And, one of the most special moments of the wedding for the bride, is her classic entry to the mandap. Here are some of the trendiest bridal entries you can adopt for your wedding in 2020.

Bubble Shower

A rather quirky and contemporary fashion to make your bridal appearance, the bubble shower is a sure-fire way to bring in a charming vibe. As magical as the moment will feel, it will look just as surreal!

Bridal Baraat

There’s no more emotional and truly heartfelt way to make your bridal entry than with your bride gang! They have been by your side throughout, and no one will make this moment any more personal than them.

Phoolo ki Chaddar

A very popular choice by brides today, this is and will always remain an evergreen and timeless style of bridal entry. Stepping within the sights of the guests and the groom under a custom made floral chaddar is an undoubtedly perfect moment for the bride.

A Themed Palki

There is nothing more special than walking to the mandap in an intricately decorated palki or a themed palki, carried by your favourite men in the family. With this style of bridal entry, you can make your family a core part of it as you feel like a true princess.

Your entry is eventually what you are about and what you want; opt for the style that resonates with you the most!

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