Intimate Weddings

As the world is engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding industry is facing the biggest setback. A traditional Indian wedding is essentially marked by a large crowd coming together to exchange conversations, laughter, share delicacies together, and pompous features. But, with the changing ways in the world due to the pandemic, we think that this could be the start of newer traditions when it comes to weddings in India.

Weddings could become a more private affair as compared to a large gathering and that definitely has its own benefits. Let’s see what will make for the weddings in the time of COVID-19.

  1. Lesser invites

When the number of guests reduces, so will the invites. This will definitely create a positive impact on the environment considering the use of paper, as well as lead to an intimate and more personal celebration.

2. Hygiene

Let’s face it, Indian weddings aren’t the epitome of hygiene and sanitation. But the one thing we’ve learned during this global crisis is how to keep clean. Now, we go on to inculcate these hygiene habits into our matrimonial celebrations too.

3. Destination

Location is probably the most important thing in a wedding. With the dire current need of sanitisation and cleanliness, the preferences in wedding destinations are changing too. It is now opening up opportunities for newer destinations that are safer and wedding friendly.

4. Eco-friendly decor

We’ve all learned a lesson or two on how the Earth is healing now, and we hope to take it even ahead, especially where the need lies. With sustainability and eco-friendly gaining more popularity, it is about time that we now incorporate that into our weddings too.

5. Dependability on local vendors

To help out small businesses and local vendors, economic options will open up. People would prefer purchasing wedding items like sweets, flowers, decor items from local vendors rather than big companies to save money as well as support small businesses.

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