Super Sangeet Ideas

Weddings can get a little overdone sometimes. However, finding a way to make your wedding festivities stand out is not that hard. Here are a few fun activities to incorporate into your Sangeet ceremony to add that punch of uniqueness.Dances

You may wish to bring in a different vibe and tilt away from the traditional performances for your Sangeet ceremony. To do so, you can replace them with flash mobs, family performances, or even a celebrity appearance that relays your love story or a message to amplify the value of the occasion, with all your favorite people.Themed Nights

Curate your own themed night for your Sangeet ceremony so that you can take it up a notch while also infusing raw fun into it. You can create something unique or go with Qawali nights, Karaoke, Casino, or Carnival themed.Games & Interactive Activities

The more people participate, the greater the fun! Set aside some joyous tasks and challenges that can be done in the form of interactive games like spin the wheel, photo booths, graffiti walls, or dancing waiters, and add a touch of quirk to your wedding festivities.Meaningful Favours

A wedding calls for wedding favours, but you can add a twist to them by personalizing them. Instead of buying gifts in bulk, curate smaller ones by designing bespoke hampers and gifts for your guests.


Let’s face it, we all love a party with a good entertainment quotient. Great music, themed DJ Nights, and exotic performances are just some things to get your celebration started. If you can, shell out on celebrity performances or local live band performances to kick things up.Fun Bar

Another amazing thing about parties is the free booze! Make your cocktail party interesting by including fun bar games, quirky serving techniques, drinking games, and more.

Sangeet is that one evening before you tie the knots, where everyone lets loose and brings in the celebration in its most joyful essence. This is why it makes immense sense to incorporate activities that are truly enjoyable for you and your guests.


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